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Watering Systems

Battery Watering Technologies offers basic, partially assembled and fully assembled kits. A basic kit includes all of the valves, tees, ends pieces and tubing required to assemble a kit. Basic kits are nice to keep on hand for stock or if you are unsure of the battery layout.

A partially assembled kit ships with strings of 3 or 4 valves with the tubing already attached. Extra tubing is provided to complete assembly of the kit.

A fully assembled kit is ready to be installed with no assembly required.

To place an order for kits, determine the valve type by using the valve guide in the golf or industrial catalog. When ordering a partially assembled or fully assembled kit, additional information is required. The battery make and model must be provided as well as the drawing number. Please refer to our on-line list of drawings (under Technical Information) for help in determining the proper drawing number. Orders placed without complete information may be delayed.

NOTE: Effective February 4, 2013, black EPDM tubing will be standard on all industrial kits unless otherwise specified. Golf kits will continue to be assembled with clear PVC tubing.

Battery Stands

The BHS Battery Roller Stands are available in various widths and compartment sizes to meet specific requirements. BS models come with charger shelf and poly-coated rollers for spark-proof protection.

Note: Roller height required when ordering.

Features & Benefits

  • ± 0.5″ (± 13 mm) adjustable legs for added convenience
  • Charger shelf comes standard
  • Poly-coated rollers for spark-proof protection
  • Standard height available from 4.5″ to 10″ (114 mm to 254 mm)
  • CR-1 cable retractor mounting holes
  • Custom built models also available to meet unique specifications

Battery Extractor

Automatic Transfer Carriage


The BHS Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC) converts an existing pallet truck into an efficient, portable battery changer. The ATC is available in a variety of models with many flexible options to satisfy all unique battery handling requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower system cost by utilizing existing equipment
  • Mounts easily to powered pallet truck – consult BHS for pallet truck specifications
  • Powered by the pallet truck battery (12 V dc or 24 V dc available)
  • Simple center mounted controls for easy operation from left, right or rear of the carriage
  • Standard industrial components utilized in the design, allowing for locally available parts
  • 10 compartment rollers allow for better wear and load distribution
  • Hydraulic powered push-pull extraction
  • Enclosed Dashboard Sides for added protection against accidental contact with moving parts during operation
  • Battery Containment Bar encloses compartment to secure battery during transport
  • Rubber Bumpers protect the industrial lift truck fleet during battery change-out
  • Many flexible options available to satisfy unique battery handling requirements

Tobi Pi Wi-z

Product Brochure

Sample Reports

Your Total Onboard Battery information Private Eye! WIRELESSLY Communicates with your laptop

  • Captures and saves life-time amp hour throughput.
  • Opportunity charge with temperature compensation.
  • Detect cell issues before they become material handling issues!
  • Optimize fleet utilization by tracking battery usage in real time.
  • Captures and stores previous 4000 battery events.
  • Fast, Easy installation

Fleet Tracker


The BHS Fleet Tracker™ is a leading battery fleet management system utilized by corporate managers, battery room supervisors, and Operator Aboard Battery Extractor operators. Fleet Tracker™ uses the latest technology to provide a detailed look into an organization’s battery inventory to help managers reduce maintenance costs, improve profitability, and increase productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • “First In, First Out” (FIFO) Battery Tracking: tracks each battery and directs the user to the battery that has charged the longest
  • Centralizes data across facilities
  • Reduces battery change-out time
  • Promotes proper maintenance of batteries
  • Easy data entry
  • Minimizes the number of batteries and chargers required to operate
  • Provides real-time battery, charger, and truck listing information
  • Ability to decommission and re-commission batteries easily
  • No hook-up required to batteries and chargers
  • Detailed reports
  • Touch screen computer interface
  • Lightweight bar code scanner
  • Acid resistant barcode labeling system
  • System notifications and on-screen alerts
  • User-defined notes fields
  • Layered security, logins, and activity permissions
  • Fleet Tracker™ can be installed to store information on a wireless network. This allows two Operator Aboard Battery Extractors to share information and track batteries in the same fleet. The reports can also be viewed from a remote computer.


Item Number: SY6320G1

Description: 350 GRAY CONN 2/0

Weight: 0.55

Unit of Measure: EA



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