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At Georgia Industrial Battery, we take pride to ensure our customers are satisfied with the quality of the batteries we offer.

The Reaco brand stands out overall as the best priced and performance battery on the market compared to other battery manufactures.

No other battery manufacturer combines reliability and affordability in a premium line battery the way Reaco does.

Georgia Industrial Battery sells Reaco battery throughout North America and overseas.

Over the years, the Reaco battery meets and exceeds the demands of our customers' needs.

Reaco batteries are covered by the manufacturer's full 5-year non pro-rated warranty.

REACO Premium Battery

The REACO Premium quality flat-plate battery is designed to give you over 1,500 cycles of battery life. The REACO battery line offers reliability and affordability in a premium quality product that is backed by a full five year, non pro rata, manufacturer’s warranty. Available in all traditional motive power amp sizes.

MAXHAUL Series Battery

The MAXHAUL series battery is a new revolutionary flat-plate design that combines the reliable, tough, long lasting performance of traditional flat-plate designs with the higher capacity running times claimed by tubular batteries. Maxhaul batteries have 24% more power than standard flat-plate battery designs and run cooler than tubular batteries meaning better performance and longer life expectancy. Maxhaul batteries are available as 110 and 155 amp sizes that are equivalent in height to traditional 85 and 125 heights.

H2GO LM Series Battery

The H2GO Less Maintenance battery utilizes modified alloy’s, innovative paste, and advanced separator materials which improves charge acceptance and water retention allowing end users to extend the watering intervals from every 1 to 3 weeks to 9 to 12 weeks which allows employees to do what they do best….move product. H2GO batteries are available in 85 and 125 amp sizes.


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