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Georgia Industrial Battery has partnered with world's leading charger manufactures to provide our customers with the latest and best technologies available. We have chargers that suite every charging application of today's ever changing pace. Georgia Industrial Battery will be happy to run an analyses of your application to make sure you have the right charger technology for your facility demands.

High Frequency Chargers - Ecotec provides world-class energy-efficient battery charging solutions for use with motive power equipment employed by the material handling industry. From lift trucks to floor cleaning equipment and everything in between, we have the power solution you are looking for!


The Access Charger Best Battery Choice First In/First Out system requires no additional hardware or software to be purchased.

From fast charge to conventional charge, PowerHouse provides a vast array of charging methods and technologies for every application.

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Ferro Magnetics
Ferro Magnetics has designed a charger for practically every industrial application. Our ferroresonant (FR) technology chargers with our latest technology controls deliver efficiency (88%) and power factor (+90%) ; close to that of high frequency chargers. FR chargers are known to last well beyond the 10 years that our transformers are warranted, delivering thousands of trouble free charge cycles at a very economical cost to the user.

Ferro Magnetics