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Services We Provide

Recycle Program

Our recycling program simple and easy and protects you from penalties of noncompliance. We maintain full compliance with all federal and state compliance regulations. Give us a call and we will pick up your battery or batteries for recycle and provide you with recycling documentation and certificates.


Maintenance Program

Whether you have a couple of pallet jacks, or a fleet of 300 lift trucks, preventive maintenance is the key to optimizing the life of your fleet of industrial batteries and chargers. Georgia Industrial Battery will come to your facility, assess your fleet’s needs, and design a site specific PM program that will help you achieve longer run times and life of your industrial forklift batteries. Most industrial batteries lives are shortened by avoidable mistakes. Don’t let this happen to you. Proper care, which includes proper watering and maintenance, will help your company’s bottom line. Georgia Industrial Battery offers a wide range of options to suit any size company’s needs. From a weekly watering program to a quarterly preventive maintenance program that includes cleaning and neutralizing your batteries and checking your charger components for serviceability, we are able to help your company properly maintain your industrial batteries and chargers. Georgia Industrial Battery will help you protect your investment with our tailor made PM programs.


Reconditioned Batteries

You can buy quality reconditioned electric forklift batteries from Georgia Industrial Battery. Our battery shop utilizes expert technical staff with over 30 years of experience in refurbishing industrial batteries. Our reconditioning process starts with knowing which batteries to choose, based on the typical expected life of the particular name brand as well as a keen eye for how the battery has been treated up till now. The end result of the reconditioning process is a retail-ready battery, with all components brought up to performance and appearance standards.

When contacting us, please supply the following information:

  • Battery voltage or number of cells for the battery you require.
  • Forklift name brand and model number.
  • Battery Length, Width, and Height.
  • Whether the battery requires a cover on it (Yes, if there is no cover on the battery compartment)
  • Cable length and position
  • Connector style and color

Battery Repair

With a professionally trained staff and over 40 years of experience, GIB has the ability to repair and recondition your battery by properly testing and evaluating your battery using extensive testing procedures that will allow us to communicate your batteries needs based upon the remaining capacity left in your battery.

Rental Batteries

Battery and Charger Rental - When your facility encounters a battery or charger failure, which requires significant down time, Georgia Industrial Battery has a solution for your operational needs. GIB’s extensive fleet of rental batteries and chargers is just a phone call away. Short or long term rentals are available and will ship to your site within 24 hours. Delivery and set-up is also available. Georgia Industrial Batteries reconditioned batteries and chargers will help your facility stay up and running with minimal lost time. Call our service department to speak with one of our experienced staff members for a quote and availability. We will listen to you and help you solve your facilities problems quickly. From one week, to one month or longer, GIB can handle your rental needs.

For more information please call us at 404-363-4144 or email us at sales@gabatteries.com.


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